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Eco Holiday Tips from Two Scents!

With Two Scents, we hope build a community of active consumers and to encourage them to recognize their impact to change the world with the power of their investments. Despite the holiday madness, there are many ways one can be more eco-conscious over the holidays. We are not going to ask you to do the most, but we want to enlighten you that it is the thought that counts ;) Find a simple list of eco holiday tips in this blog post!

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What Do We Do With Blemished Candles?

We live for quality and aesthetic, but we also understand that mistakes do happen. Because a product has a minor flaw does not mean that its life cycle has come to an end. In fact, blemishes do not always take away from a product's function. Two Scents has started an initiative to take a stand against wasteful business practices. Find out how you can save 60% on your next candle!

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4 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Body Oil Candle Containers

Two Scents is here to tackle the concept that products have a single use purpose. This post has four tips on how you can re-purpose your body oil candle containers for at-home use to to minimize your personal waste, fetch up exciting D.I.Y projects, and even save some $$$.

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