3 Reflections From Starting an Eco-Friendly Business! *Two Months Strong*

3 Reflections From Starting an Eco-Friendly Business! *Two Months Strong*

Hey everyone! 

It has been an amazing journey since launching the first collection on July 31st, and I am excited to share with you what I have learned so far because this is only the beginning! I want to share three personal reflections about starting Two Scents and developing its eco-friendly framework:


1) Using my degree is pretty boss!

I definitely had the concern of not being able to use my degree or refer to any knowledge I have learned post-graduation. Now add the circumstance of Covid-19... It started to appear as though my professional growth was at a standstill and it was honestly overwhelming. With more free time, I did not want to waste time away and neglect my skills and passions in the process. Long story short, Two Scents was born!

All of the files and pdfs from my core courses came in handy when it came to creating the brand's mission and outlining how I want to outline the business model. It has been fulfilling to apply knowledge about B Corporations, sourcing, human ecology and much more outside of the classroom.Two Scents serves as my refresher for all of the material I have learned from Rutgers studying environmental policy and public health. It has also inspired me to get first-hand experience to reassure if I want to achieve a Master's in economics or business. Time will tell :)

2) There's level to this. Take your time. Have fun!

I am aware that smaller pieces make a greater whole, and I have been having tons of fun seeing what works for me! There are so many layers to starting a business that meets the eye: product development, graphic design, research social media, setting on an online store, customer service + engagement, incorporating environmental sustainability elements and more.

I have also identified as a visionary, but it always a different story when I had a pen and paper or an online program. Creating a task-oriented schedule and maintaining patience has helped me tremendously to juggle the responsibilities. Looking down the list of things-to-do may bring anxiety, but remember nothing happens overnight. Also, progress shows beyond our limited understanding. In just two months, I have already noticed improvements how I designed Instagram posts and emails, wrote product descriptions, and managed the social media page. Be honest with your abilities, dedicate time to those skills, and, before you know it, you'll be a wizard at Canva! If it was easy, more people would be doing it. But it just matters that you start. There is a lot of mechanics to starting a business, but don't get lost in that. Savor the moment + have fun!!!


3) I can't do it alone.

Essentially, Two Scents is about starting a movement to bring sustainability closer to home and showing an unconventional way to be more conscious about the value of our dollars. I can get all of the responsibilities done on my end, but what truly matters is getting the mission out to the masses. This is where engagement plays a major role and I am so grateful for all of the feedback from everyone who has supported the brand!

Personal feedback sends the brand forward and allows me to generate more ideas that relate to the cause. It shows the full circle between creator and consumers that is often missed in modern-day economics. I have been inspired to find environmental initiatives and companies to sponsor or partner with Two Scents has been awesome. This is how I came across the recyclable packaging for Two Scents and collaborating with other small businesses to reassure we are getting top-of-the-line plant-based materials ready for processing. It is a goal of mine to show that consumer ideas are just as valuable as the actions they take. I can't do that without you -- so shout out to you and all you do. Keep funneling the ideas please!!


Thank you for reading this post. I will feature a post like this one in the future to evaluate more growth! It is going to be so sweet to look back on the journey.
I want to hear from you:
What comes to mind when you think of starting a business? 
Do you know of any brands or initiatives that relate to Two Scents and our eco-friendly principles? Comment below.

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