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Eco Holiday Tips from Two Scents!

Did you that on average Americans produce 25% more household waste during the months of November and December in order to prepare for the holiday season? Or that 8,000 tons of wrapping paper are used during the holidays each year (equating to roughly 50,000 trees)? There are more staggering facts about the environmental impacts about the holiday season. But we want this post on the joyful side! Two Scents hopes to motivate you to recognize that your individual impact is significant enough to build a sustainable future. We have prepared a small list of some eco-holiday tips that can practiced over the holidays with the goals to help you minimize your carbon footprint, the amount of waste you can produce, and to care for the planet while you celebrate. 
It is common to believe that making the effort to practice more conscious actions require drastic lifestyle changes and, particularly over the holidays, will drain the Christmas cheer.  But don't worry. It is just like gift-giving -- it is the thought that counts! Do what works for you and continue to make progress as you continue down your eco-friendly journey. Better yet, challenge yourself + family to start a new holiday tradition that favors your health and the planet's :) Our eco holiday tip list starts below!

Eco Holiday Tips

  1. Reuse and repurpose old boxes as gift boxes
  2. Purchase gifts from sustainable brands
  3. Add Organic and local foods to your holiday feast
  4. Use gift wrap alternatives 
  5. Reuse holiday decorations
  6. Consider alternate forms of transportation to and from holiday events
  7. Save your leftovers (or compost them!)
  8. Compost your all-natural Christmas tree
  9. Give gifts that are reusable or can last a long time for the recipient 
  10. Gift experiences
  11. Donate unused holiday gifts and decorations 
  12. Monitoring the time of your Christmas lighting
  13. DIY gifts
  14. Send cards virtually or ones that are made of recyclable materials


Comment below which tips you currently practice or plan to practice this holiday season. If you any additional questions, we are happy to answer them below or though DM on Instagram :) We are in this eco-conscious journey together.

Happy Holidays!

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