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4 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Body Oil Candle Containers

Linear consumption {Buy, use, dispose and repeat} is ingrained in our culture. With Two Scents, I wanted to show that many products have potential to be recycled or re-purposed. All of Two Scents' products were consciously designed to have recyclable containers to help consumers minimize their personal ecological footprint, to spark their creative minds to recognize any potential for upcycling, and to even help them save some cash.

Wash your body oil candle containers with a gentle dish soap, remove the wick sticker, and pat dry the tins or allow them to air dry. Then they will be ready for future use! I will highlight a few ways to re-purpose your body oil candle containers, particularly for at-home use:

1) Scrunch + Bobby Pin Holder

I lose sight of almost every hair-tie or bobby pin I lay my hands. Who else can relate? The Two Scents body oil candle containers is a great way to store hair-tie and bobby pins for ready-to-go use. It is small enough to fit on the bathroom sink, a vanity, or inside of a medicine cabinet. Don't worry about constantly replenishing your stock of bobby pins and hair-ties now that you have a place to keep them. 


2) Mini Plant Pots

The containers can be upcycled to become mini plant pots to decorate your space. Upcycling is the process of transforming a undesirable material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. Transforming your body oil candles into plant pots is the perfect DIY project!

You can definitely get crafty with these containers to house your new plants by painting them or even molding them to create a larger pot. I recommend using smaller succulents for this transformation. Place it on a window sill, on your work or at-home desk, or on a dining room table. Two Scents is here to improve your space one way or another :)

3) Jewelry Holder

I am an accessory gal and, when I travel, I tend to get nervous that I will lose a pair of earrings if I place them in the mini compartments of my bag. I have found that use the containers as a jewelry holder when I am on the go has helped me a lot to keep my sets together and to make traveling with style much easier.

The container is dense enough to hold bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This can even be used for daily use on your vanity or wherever you glam up!

4) Arts + Crafts

Similar to the storage component talked about in the first and third tip, the containers can used to hold materials like beads, yarn, and needles for all of your arts and crafts needs. Also, if you are a painter, the container can even be used an easel to mix colors or as refresher for your paint brush. 

If any of these suggestions do not speak to you, dispose of your container in the recycling bin. An ultimate goal of mine is to start an initiative to refill your candle containers and ship them back for future use! How awesome would that be?! 

Until then, stay creative and remember to recycle and or re-purpose your containers.


I want to hear from you!

Which tip are you going to try with your body oil candles? Do you have any other creative ideas to transform and re-purpose the containers?

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