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What Do We Do With Blemished Candles?

Waste is Not the Answer!

Part of our mission at Two Scents is to show how ethical business practices can certainly be implemented at macro and micro scales and how these practices can inspire consumers to participate in active consumerism. Did you know that billions of dollars of materials and products are thrown out every year because they do not fit the "perfect" standard in our consumer world? A firm example is how many fruits and vegetables undergo a beauty test before they head to the shelves at major supermarkets. Nearly two-fifths of all harvested fruits and vegetables are rejected because they are not aesthetically pleasing (or fit the ideal image of what a 'x fruit or vegetable' looks like), yet they still hold the same nutritional value as the ones that make it to the store. To be frank, this shows the disposable and wasteful culture that is conditioned in our consumption habits. Thankfully, there are services that are in place to reduce this wastefulness and to recognize that just because things are not perfect, they still have a purpose. These services have inspired Two Scents to start an initiative of our own!

Since quality is our upmost priority and mistakes do happen, some candles just do not make the cut. But because a candle's wick is not perfectly centered does not mean that the candle has lost its delicious scent and its plant-based goodness! Instead of throwing them out, we know that we can put these blemished candles to use! Two Scents will be offering 60% off candles that fall in this category under the Blemished Candles section in the Products tab. This will be home to all candles, regardless of the collection, that have a minor flaw but were still blended with love and care! Our blemished products make the statement that because a product may not be the best visually, it does not mean that it is no longer useful. In this case, you get a lovely at-home fragrance at a reduced cost. But adopting this mindset will eventually change how you consumer, view products, and even save you money.

** Note that the availability under the Blemished category will be minimal because practice and repetition will minimize these errors.**


What is something you thought about throwing away but realized it was still in fine condition?

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