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How to Advocate For Clean Water!

Today is World Water Day!

This day is to celebrate the importance of clean water systems. The sixth UN's sustainable development goal sets a target to grant everyone in the world access to safe sources of water and sanitation. Themes related to World Water Day include water scarcity, water pollution, and the impacts of climate change (UN, 2020).

Why Should You Advocate For Clean Water?

From the foods we eat to the air that we breath, water and its scientific processes are linked to our livelihoods. Plastic pollution, oil and chemical runoff, and ocean acidification currently threatening Earth's waterways and oceans, inevitably leading to disruptions in the lives of the billions of people who inhabit the planet, other organisms, and ecosystems. 

How Do I Advocate For Clean Water?

  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Use a refillable water bottle
  • Learn more about policies that impact waterways (CWA, SDWA, CAA, BEACH)
  • Join forces with water advocacy groups (Clean Water Action, The Ocean Clean Up, etc.)
  • Support local fisheries
  • Participate in ocean, lake, and river cleanups
  • Support small businesses associated with sustainable initiatives 

Our Stance At Two Scents

Our New Ocean scent from the Eco Collection was created to bring more awareness to the importance of water systems in today's need for sustainable developmet. 10% of each candle sale from The Eco Collection is donated to The Ocean Clean Up, an orgnanization dedicated to removing 90% of the world's plastic waste found in oceans in 10 years!


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