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Behind the Product: Shea Butter

In our commitment to keep self-care toxic free and fun, we knew we needed to select plant-based materials that would perform and meet those requirements.

So why shea butter? 

Shea butter, a fatty extract from the shea tree nut, is full of vitamins (A, C, and E) and minerals that are beneficial to the skin and the body. It is the perfect remedy for those who have skin prone to inflammation and redness (i.e. ezcema and rosacea) or battling with stubborn dark spots. The butter's moisturizing properties promote all-day hydration without the feeling of stickiness or weighing down the skin. Daily use of SPF is important to maintain the glow and plumpness of the skin. SPF also prevents internal damage to lower levels of the skin. Shea butter contains a natural form of SPF which helps one protect themselves from harmful UV rays and potential peeling from sun exposure.     

One of my favorite details about shea butter is that it promotes cell regeneration. It helps remove dead skin cells from the top layer on the skin, leaving a healthy barrier on top! Over time this will help remove the appearance of scarring and hyperpigmentation. The results after repeated use of shea butter on these tough areas will result in a more even skin tone. Shea butter is one of my personal favorites in my skin care routine and I am proud to introduce it to you all in the Two Scents Body Oil Candles!


Have you ever used shea butter? What was your favorite fact from this post? Do you know any more interesting facts about shea butter? Comment below :)

Thank you for reading the first post from the "Behind the Product" series!

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