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About Us

Handmade with love, Plant Based And Earth Conscious.

Two Scents founder Shirbrina turned her passion to become a sustainability consultant into reality. Having an collegiate background in environmental policy and public health, she is dedicated to encouraging institutions to adopt more ethical practices that will benefit the environmental, economic, and social sectors of society. She combined her enthusiasm for sustainability and self-care to learn the in and outs of creating a healthy, balanced ecosystem. After a family member experienced adverse health effects from the exposure of processed materials from candles, Shirbrina decided to utilize candles as the Two Scents medium. 

Two Scents is a brand committed to sourcing reliable materials from other small businesses, handcrafting plant-based products, and developing strategies to minimize its environmental impacts. The brand strives to bring forward an active consumer movement that encourages consumers to consider the environment and human well-being in the value of their purchases in hopes of changing the current interactions of the modern day economy. By also acting as an educational resource, Two Scents focuses on spreading knowledge about sustainability and consciousness.