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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What materials are should to create Two Scents products?

A: Two Scents is dedicated to use plant-based, environmentally conscious materials to create its products. The products were carefully curated to have the potential to be recyclable, re-purposeful, and have minimal effects on the built environment. 

Q: What makes Two Scents different from other candle brands?

A: Two Scents values circular economies where small businesses win first! We get our materials from small businesses like ourselves. Also, our stand-out feature includes a candle that doubles down as a body oil after use!

Q: How do I use and care for my new candles?

A: Find how to care and use your new Two Scents products here. We go into deeper details beyond standard fire safety (carefully extinguishing your candles and placing them on a heat-safe surface) to ensure your self care experience with Two Scents is fun and safe!

Q: How do I receive discounts?

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