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How to + Candle Care

How to Use Body Oil Candles:

These instructions are highlighted on our IGTV. Click here to check out the video!

1) Light the candle for at least 20 minutes -- burn time is up to 10 hours!

2) Carefully extinguish flame.

3) Allow candle to cool to desired temperature for body application.

4) There are two ways to apply the body oil to the skin

a) Dip your fingers in the oil pool and transfer it to where you would like to moisturize

b) Pour the oil into your hand and apply the oil as if it were a body lotion to the desired area

** A little goes a long way **

Body Oil Candle Care:

For the optimal burn, be sure to trim your wick prior to each use. There are two ways to trim your candle wick:

1) Use scissors to cut off the burnt end. Dispose the burnt end. 

2) Pinch the burnt end with your fingers. Dispose the burnt end.

Light your candle within sight and burn your candle on a heat-safe surface! 


How to Use Wood Wick Candles:

1) Light wooden wick. Allow flame create oil pool - burn time up to 10 hours!

2) Enjoy the crackling.

3) Extinguish candle carefully. 


Wood Wick Candle Care:

Trimming is not needed for the wood wick candles. Light your candle within sight and burn your candle on a heat-safe surface! Do not apply this product to your skin. If you are interested in a multi-purpose candle, please check out our selection of body oil candles!

** Snap, crackle, pop **