Meet the Candlemaker

Two Scents was established in 2020 by a fellow candle lover. 

My name is Shirbrina and I am a true enthusiast for delicious scents and wellness. Ever since my mother experienced negative health symptoms triggered by fragrance sensitivity, I've been an advocate for living a conscious lifestyle; particularly, I led with an essence in knowing the ingredients of the products I exposed myself to and their effects on my health.

Throughout my studies as in environmental policy and public health in university, I  grew a passion learning the style and approaches of private institutions that introduced sustainable practices for a greater change. Plus, I learned in the classroom and from personal experience how poor consumer engagement never favored the consumer nor the planet (i.e: massive plastic waste, poor labor conditions, exposure to secondary pollutants, etc). 

As graduation season and the COVID pandemic merged together, hopes of landing my dream job as a sustainable business consultant grew slim. I reunited with my passion and I found the courage to create the company I always want to work for. 


Hence, Two Scents!

Every product is handcrafted by myself with plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging where the materials are known and shared with its consumers.

I am striving to create a space for consumers to be more active in their consumer decisions and to become advocates for their own well-being and the Earth. 

Two Scents provides an unique, stimulating, and relaxing self-care experience for  Whether you are looking to unwind after a busy work week, looking for a lifestyle change, or wanting to gift a clean and conscious gift to a special loved one...

Two Scents candles are made for you. 

Lavender, Rose, & Citrus...

Decisions, decisions.

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