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Mission Statement:

Two Scents strives to change the way consumers view, purchase, and utilize their products. We focus upon bringing consciousness to consumers in an effort to better care for our Earth and public health. Two Scents prioritizes human well-being, community, and environmental surroundings to encourage consumers to do the same when engaging within the economy.


Core & Values:

 Handmade with love. Plant-based + Earth-conscious.

Two Scents is dedicated to maximizing the health of the Earth and those who inhabit it. To do this, we are committed to handcrafting plant-based, non-toxic products for the enjoyment of anyone at any age. Two Scents also partners with other small businesses, artisans, and distributors to source materials for its products. We value circular economies which encourages economic success for local communities and prevents massive scales of environmental degradation. Our business aims to lead an active consumer movement to express the significance of investing in one's health, community, and the environment as these are investments for the Self.  

“Root yourself in this Earth and it will root itself in you.”

~ Sheniz Janmohamed


Vision Statement:

We seek to build a more conscious world by changing the conditions of the modern day economy. Two Scents will set initiatives to influence an economy that values public health and the environment far more than profit and convenience and encourages consumers to recognize their purchasing power. Two Scents is inspired to leave an impact greater than a candle company. We are eager to jump start an active consumer movement to spread knowledge about sustainability and consciousness.

In hopes of empowering communities, we hope to partner with sustainable startups in the South Florida region and to collaborate with local, conscious brands. Two Scents is also eager to join forces with many other environmentally and socially conscious companies by becoming a B Corp Certified business and donating proceeds to initiatives that are supportive of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).