Two Scents is created for people and the planet. The brand is committed to finding more ways to embrace sustainability as it is the foundation of our business model.

To name a few: 

  1. We utilize coconut wax, the most sustainable wax to use when making candles.
  2. All of our products are sourced from USA distributors. Therefore Two Scents helps to fuel the American and local economy and reduces participation in overseas shipping, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. 
  3. We are proudly to collaborate with distributors whom offer carbon-neutral shipping or sustainable shopping initiatives in order to offset greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global waste.
  4. We partner with local organizations that align with sustainable principles for in-person events.
  5. Compostable pouches are used to package our wax melts.
  6. Every candles jar and lid can be reused, repurposed, or recycled.
  7. We recycle and upcycle our boxes that arrive from our orders. 
  8. Two Scents upcycles old newsletters to be used as out package fillers.
  9. We recycle the boxes we don't repurpose, as well as our fragrance oils bottles. 
  10. Two Scents is committed to using 100% sustainable packaging in which its boxes, tape, and mailers made up of post recycled materials.

Join us in our sustainable journey. Any ideas? Or have any more insight on how we could improve? Let's connect at 


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