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Air / Wood Wick Candle
Air / Wood Wick Candle
Air / Wood Wick Candle
Air / Wood Wick Candle

Air / Wood Wick Candle

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Shoutout to the atmosphere for holding us down -- literally. The quality of the air impacts the quality of other ecosystem services, yet conditions are being threatened by mass amounts of air pollution. This candle's scent throw will remain you that there's nothing like a breath of fresh air with its cedar tones, crisp mint, and fern elements. 

10% of each candle sale from this collection will be donated to The Ocean Clean Up *not sponsored*


  • Coconut Wax Blend
  • Fragrance (Soy-free, Phthalate-Free, Alcohol-Free)


Light the wooden wick at the top end and within sight. Ensure the candle is on a heat-safe surface. Allow the oil pool to reach the edges of the jar before blowing it out. Extinguish flame carefully after use. Burn up to 10+ hours. 

* Do not apply to skin. Do not ingest this product. Avoid eyes and mouth. *

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