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Fragrance Consultation

Fragrance Consultation

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Chat with Two Scents CEO/Founder, Shirbrina Jefferson, to find the perfect scent for your custom candle. She will diligently search to find the scent just for YOU. It is also guaranteed the fragrance will fall within the standards of the Two Scents' mission. Vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free fragrances only!

You must complete this service prior to purchasing a custom order. 

The price of this consultation will go towards the total cost of your custom body oil candle or your custom wood wick candle. It will also cover a portion of the cost and the shipping price of the selected fragrance to our facility. 


Please include your phone number and/or email address at checkout. Hear back from Shirbrina within 24 hours, select the fragrance of your choice, and then we will start working on your custom order. It's that simple!